/ˈkidē/ /kat/ /ˈmämē/ by definiton

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Oh, you know, just at the Holy Grail for all Kitty Kat Mommies, also known as Target.

When people first hear “Kitty Kat Mommy” they always ask what the heck I’m talking about. It’s not just my Instagram handle, its not just a blog, its actually a lifestyle. So what exactly is a Kitty Kat Mommy you ask? The theory itself (because, yes people, we are actually talking about mom theories here) is all encompassing. It represents motherhood. Not just the act of motherhood itself, but the lifestyle of motherhood. The passion of motherhood. Whether you stay at home or have a career, or even a mix of both, we all are still united through this amazing and blessed lifestyle. This blog is to celebrate our lifestyle, no matter how different or the same.


Amy [Kitty Kat Mommy Extraordinaire]